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Break Free is an environment that teaches life skills and how to fight addiction through physical, mental, and most importantly of all spiritual growth. Open space with the physical, mental and spiritual work made the difference in its councellors lives to staying clean of drugs or falling back into the same habits. With the physical labour Break Free found that if your body is in good physical condition your mind automatically starts functioning normally again. Break Free also found that you CANNOT beat addiction without God in your life. By spiritual teaching, one-on-one, group counselling sessions, daily N/A meetings Break Free aim to integrate the person back into society. Also providing support and educate family members through “How to” sessions on substance abuse to rebuild relationships.
Break Free found the following in all addicts – after three months what the counsellors have found is what is referred to as “the three month itch”, they are really clean and rearing to go. Any form of manipulation is tried to leave. No recovering addict should stay for a shorter period than six months.

Because of our unique programme and the success we have we are bursting at the seams We need more living and eating space as well as ablutions. We need so much of everything from A to Z Some of our residents pay a contribution but there are those that cant. It Costs R 150 per day per person for food alone. It is difficult to turn someone away when their family is desperate.