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Bridging Abilities

Bridging Abilities is involved in the community in two ways:

Sports and recreation days
Currently sport and recreation events are held twice a year one in March and one in either August or September. Learners from schools that specialise in special needs (Education for Learners with Special Educational Needs (ELSEN)) from around Stellenbosch, Somerset West and Cape Town attend the events. The events are mainly hosted in Stellenbosch. Children from all ability levels attend with the ultimate goal being to gain experience in different sports and recreational activities, whilst at the same time having a blast! Our camps in March focus mainly on recreational activities, whilst the camp in August or September on different Paralympic sports. However both camps contain an element of recreation and sport. One of Bridging Abilities dreams is also to host weekend and week-long camps, where the children can come and enjoy a variety activities away from home with their friends. This however is dependent on additional funding and accessible facilities that cater for people with disabilities.

Adapted Physical Activity (APA) Community Groups for Adults

Another dream of Bridging Abilities is to be able to provide people with disabilities with opportunities to engage in regular physical activity (PA) to foster independence through an active and healthy lifestyle. We therefore started with physical activity groups in various communities. The groups started out by focusing on persons with spinal cord injury, however through word of mouth people with various disabilities have already joined in the fun. The groups are open to anyone would like to be physically active within the different communities. The groups meet twice a week to work on different aspects such as cardiovascular endurance, strength, flexibility and functional abilities.