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Bright Futures Children's Programme

Bright Futures Children's Programme

Bright Futures Children's Program was started in June 2010 as a once-off soup kitchen event on the Nelson Mandela Day 67 minutes of service initiative.
From that day on the feeding initiative happened every Sunday in the Zuma Park informal settlement in Bela Bela. The objective was to provide the children in the community with a nutritious meal every Sunday.
This however is just a “plaster” on a very serious situation. The need is great and goes beyond access to only one meal a week!
To date the initiative has been funded by family and friends of the core group. We formally applied for registration as an NPO and were finally registered in March 2011.
Our programme is based on three primary areas of focus:
1.Nutrition – Providing children participating in the program with at least one nutritional meal a day. (After school – Monday to Friday)
2.Educational Support – Develop an environment that provides assistance with homework, Internet access, library facilities and age-appropriate education based play programs to support formal school activities.
3.Environmental Awareness – The centre will be built using and environmentally friendly building system and will make use of alternative energy sources. The centre will be run on the principles of caring for the environment and respect for all living beings. Activities promoting a green and sustainable lifestyle are encouraged.
In 2012 we plan to develop a Centre that will serve as the base from which operations will be run and be a facility to be used by all the learners in the community.