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Street- and high risk children between the ages of 8 and 18 years in the Helderberg Basin.


To manage an effective Drop-In Centre for children at risk.
This includes 2 meals 7 days per week, medical care, physical care, involvement in educational and/or life skills programmes, transport of children to school as well as camps/programmes.

To manage a comprehensive residential care facility as a Child and Youth Care Centre to children in need of Care and Protection.


Optimal development of the personal potential of the children on the streets.
To endeavour to limit the number of children on the streets.
To empower children by enabling them to accept responsibility for themselves and their own development.
By preparing them for reintegration into own families and communities.
To provide training in basic life skills.
The establishment and development of employment agreements between the various organisations, Helderberg Administration and businesses, in order to address problems relating to street- and high risk children.