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The model around Bring Change Africa is built on the principle where top influential business men and women, shares their knowledge and experience which is built on a local methodology where local people can learn, earn and return from the influencers around them rather than learning from international professionals who has little or no context about our local environment.
Bring Change Africa supports projects at a critical early stage of their development and act as a catalyst for entrepreneurs by building a community that can accelerate the impact of forward-thinking projects, ideas and people. We build close relationships with experts across sectors that understand and support's the importance of a growth mindset.

We focus on encubating more entrepreneurs than creating job opportunities in local communities that drives social change.
We believe that every one, young and old deserves to have the same exposure and we want to help them, by allowing them to create context about different environments whether in the business world, in entrepreneurship or socially.
We aim to raise funds and support within our projects to create a sustainable change socially and we will be using our funds to support educational based initiatives.
We aim to build a network of support by bridging the gap between the business world and the community through mentors and organisations that are committed to creating positive change.
The candidate is not only the "voice" but a role model for the community and the medium through which the mentors will communicate their life and business principles. The model will ensure that the candidate's business and brand will be elevated and shift a paradigm in the community to create a growth mindset.