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Build The Future

Having been involved in community work since 1993, while still in high school, I felt a burning need to assist those people living in the great city of Johannesburg, who were growing up in a completely different environment to my own. I witnessed abject poverty mere kilometres from my Sandton home and felt compelled to help in any small way that I could.
The passion has never died. Living and breathing a vision of being able to uplift impoverished communities. After assisting various international aid organisations throughout Africa by growing infrastructure in areas of need and planting vegetable garden projects, it became very apparent that education was key in the way forward to creating a better South Africa.
Build The Future was founded in 2006 and the organisation has been working steadily in facilitating the early learning development of children in informal settlements around Johannesburg, such as Soweto and Kya Sand.
Early learning development is the answer to uplifting the deprived people of South Africa. I firmly believe that to encourage grassroots communities, I must be “in the trenches” and my mission is to plant container preschools throughout South Africa. Education is key. Children who are given healthy food and an ideal learning environment will be our successfully employed, tax paying, true citizens of South Africa’s tomorrow.