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Buro van die WAT

The main objective of the Company is to –

serve the Afrikaans language, and its users, by initiating, maintaining, completing and from time to time improving the compilation of a comprehensive monolingual synchronic dictionary, in the Afrikaans language, or other products of the Company, which object shall include –
* the continuous and comprehensive collecting, arranging and storing, in a lexicographically workable form, of the general vocabulary of the Afrikaans language;
* the adaptation, editing and publication of the collected material according to lexicographic principles in printed, or electronic form; and
* granting access to the language material and sources of the Company to researchers in accordance with the policy of the Board.

serve lexicography in general in the Republic and in Africa;

grant access to the Company’s language material, training and resources to schools, pre-schools and educational institutions, in order to address the needs in learning, teaching, training and curriculum support at such schools, pre-schools and educational institutions, as envisaged in section 4 (m) of Part I and section 3(j) of Part II of the Ninth Schedule to the Income Tax Act.