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Business Against Crime Eastern Cape

Business Against Crime (EC) partners with Government and numerous other NPC’s, parastatals, and private-sector organizations, establishing, managing and maintaining a variety of pro-active and community-empowering crime-fighting initiatives, particularly in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro.
We also serve as a link between private enterprise and Government, facilitating the adoption and sharing of “best practice” methodologies.
Our current projects include the roll-out of “Safe Houses” in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro, and the “School Watch” initiative; both of which rely heavily on the services of community volunteers. BAC (EC) provides ongoing training and logistical support to participating communities, courtesy of our corporate donors.
Established in 1997 at the behest of former President Nelson Mandela, BAC (EC) also engages in short-term, ad-hoc projects. These include…

 DNA awareness training for first responders and forensic investigators.
 Basic First aid training for “Safe House” operators and “School Watch” patrollers.
 Parenting Skills training and facilitation.
 Workshops on gang dynamics; substance abuse, and bullying.
 Provision of crime-scene management kits for the SAPS.
 Training for Victim Support Centre volunteers, and “in kind” / material provisions.
 Facilitating inter-governmental and business collaboration; e.g., for the deployment of modified containers along highways, to enforce traffic safety.
 Providing Government with information on state-of-the-art technology to curb crime (e.g., container back-scanners; anti-cable theft devices; automatic number plate recognition; wireless CCTV systems).
 Staging mini-Safety & Security Expo’s for businesses to showcase their goods and services.