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Caitlin's Climb

Meet Caitlin:A powerhouse of a little human being who turns 8 years old on 10 November this year (2013).

We are seeing results from her stem cell treatment. It has changed her whole life. She’s mainstreamed into Grade 1. Such an incredible achievement when you see where she’s come from! She was recently diagnosed with Epilepsy. It was quite a blow to Mommy and Daddy, but she's really taking it in her stride.

We can't meet all the therapy costs in a year. We can't afford to import equipment that WILL have her walking on her own in record time. We can't help Caitlin to become a true beacon of hope without YOUR help.

Caitlin is our little trooper, with the bright-eyed soldiers marching through her brain. Caitlin is our little Rocky Balboa, fighting of seizures blow by blow.

WE NEED: R150,000.00
It's half the therapy costs, as well as her facilitator's costs, for 1 year. It's estimated shipping and taxes and the actual assistive devices. All items that are detailed and priced accordingly in her presentation.

YOU GET: To be a part of a life-altering experience, and the change that will be brought in South Africa, making Inclusive Education possible for more children.

Caitlin has already far surpassed what anyone expected of her. Watch this space!

Her Twitter handle: @LittleTrainCAN
Email Mom: We have a stunning presentation for the fundraiser.

Thank you for your time, and for taking an interest in our Little Train That CAN - and WILL!

Peace & Love