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Caleb Generation Warriors

CALEB GENERATION WARRIORS ensures that Social Responsibility Programs are effective and reach their objectives. Our activities revolve around organisational and personal development. These are Accelerated Corporate Development Programmes for unlocking the potential of organisations and people providing professional and support services to entities involved in activities such as Education, Health Care, Law Enforcement, Governments on all three levels, Informal Settlement Development, Orphanages (which we turn into Centres of Excellence). We serve PBOs and NGOs, or any organisation that run programmes for any charitable course to make them more effective to accomplish their mission. Their participation to our development programme, customised to meet their needs, opens the door for us to secure funding from diverse donors on their behalf due to the added credibility we provide them, but also the peace of mind we provide their donors.

We do not run these programmes. We support those who run them to make them more effective. Any person with a passion for transparency, accountability and restitution (the fixing of mistakes) is invited to support us for ensuring more effective Governments, business- and non-business organisations. We have special development programmes for any type of organisation, such as:

* Schools:
* Hospitals
* Correctional services
* Local, Provincial and National Government - all their departments
* Informal Settlement Development
* Orphanages (which we turn into Centers of Excellence)
* Developers of low-cost housing
* Various Compassionate Programs for any charitable course
* The Hungry,Sick, Anti-poverty, Disabled, Dying and many more

For more detailed information on the above please visit our website: