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Call 2 Care

Call 2 Care is a Non-Profit Organization that was born on Heritage Day – the 24th September 2014 – in Cape Town, where a group of passionate volunteers and philanthropists came together to host a soup kitchen in Khayelitsha’s Baphumelele Children’s Home.

Following this event, Call 2 Care has served to improve lives through community development and make it simple for the public, corporates, and government to make a difference - all expertly delivered in an internship, event and project format.

Today, Call 2 Care leverages and connects a database of volunteers, corporate and government partners to key service projects that make it possible for everyone to be a part of a solution.

From running engaging and socially conscious events, improving health and nutrition within communities, empowering early childhood development centers, to implementing water-wise food gardens, our various projects and initiatives have impacted the lives of hundreds, yielding successful and favorable outcomes.

Call 2 Care consult with a number of beneficiaries, corporate and government to ensure a sustainable solution to community development. Contact us today and let's make a difference together.