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Canaan Care Centres NPC

Canaan Care Centres NPC is a non-profit organisation (NPO) based in Southernwood, East London which runs a day-care facility for children, ages 0-16 with severe Physical Disabilities and profound Learning Disabilities. Each child at Canaan receives a tailored care package to meet their individual needs and challenges. The services we provide include; occupational and physiotherapy, educational stimulation and skills based learning, daily activities to encourage the emotional, social and spiritual development of the child, recreational school trips and a variety of additional therapies. We charge a monthly fee per child, and offer a nutritious breakfast, lunch and snacks.

The needs of people with severe physical and/or learning disabilities are very individualised and we therefore have the on-going challenge of assessing and seeing how best we can meet those needs. No two people in our care have identical needs, and while there are similar needs there are always differences.
We have found that activity and learning sessions are best conducted in small groups of 2 or 3 and most effective one-on-one.

Just as their communication needs differ, so are their physical needs varied and the majority of the children in our care are not ambulant, are non-verbal, in diapers and require assistance with feeding

Over 10,500 meals/snacks were served in the last financial year – this means that the children were fed or assisted with feeding.

Caring for, working with and loving the children who attend Canaan is not possible without skilled Caregivers who are for the most part the hands, feet and voices of the children. They are the ones who interpret the various communication methods used by the children in their day to day living, be it eye movements, sounds, gestures etc. They re-position them throughout the day ensuring that they are in the correct postural position and are comfortable, be it sitting in a chair/wheelchair, standing in a standing frame or lying prone on a wedge, in a side-positioner or on the floor. They know the correct feeding methods required for each child (as well as their likes and dislikes) and also tend to their toileting needs.

Therefore we are labour intensive.

As with most NPO’s in South Africa, staying open and financially sound is a challenge. Canaan was established in 2006 as a Christian based centre and Jesus has been our foundation and provider for the past eight years and we have seen many miracles and received countless blessings . We are so grateful and thankful that HE has always provided the Right person/people at the right time to take us on our journey of growth.

Although we charge monthly fees, these do not nearly cover the costs incurred and the families of many children who would benefit from our services are unable to attend the centre as they cannot afford the fees.

We are again in a process of change and growth and for that we need your prayers and support. Please will you pray for the future of the centre that He will continue to provide for all of our needs – financial, spiritual, physical and material.

If you feel led in any way to become involved with Canaan, or require further information on the work that we do and/or how you can be involved, please contact us.

May all honour and glory be given to God the Father, who through the Spirit of His Son Jesus enables us and strengthens us moment by moment.