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The Cannabis Trade Association Africa (CTAA) is a non-profit, membership-based association of individuals and businesses engaging with government, regulatory authorities and other non-profit organizations, both locally and internationally, that are dedicated to the advancement of a vital, ethical, regulated and sustainable cannabis industry in our region.

Established in October 2019, the CTAA represents members and their interests.


Our vision is to help create, support, represent and advance the causes and interests of members of the Cannabis industry in Africa. We aim to;

1. Advocate: To improve the legal and regulatory environment of the cannabis industry, allowing for access to trusted products
2. Educate: To provide a knowledge base and grow trust in cannabis with the general population, our communities, policy makers, and industry professionals;
3. Engage: To cultivate a unified, regulated industry with a safe and ethical corporate citizenship; To be a voice and platform for this industry to engage with government, press and its participants.
4. Promote: To advance the institution and infrastructure for a sustainable and vital cannabis industry;
5. Protect: consumers, patients, health care practitioners, standards, the industry
6. Build: To build a sustainable industry where all participants benefit along the value chain