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CAP is an agile, pioneering, and honest non-profit situated in the Western Cape, South Africa.
We exist to create opportunities and growth in rural communities through leading learning and teaching, focused methodologies, uplifting relationships, and impactful engagement with society.
We are outcome-driven: producing resilient learners in schools, committed youth in growth, thinkers in social care, problem-solvers in education, and leaders in community building. Beyond offering real excellence in our programs, CAP is active and proactive; optimistic and transformative. Since our establishment in 2011, we are known to identify, realise and unleash potential.
We are invested in human happiness: our care extends as much to the individual as it does to the quality of their personal development experience and to global best practices in research, theory, and application.
We are accountable: we say what we mean and we do what we say. As CAP we promote Ubuntu and keep our promises.