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The Early Learning Resource Unit (ELRU) focuses on the delivery of quality Early Childhood Development (ECD) in impoverished communities of South Africa. ELRU’s core strategy is to strengthen and build the capacities of the circles of support surrounding the child: the primary caregiver (mother/father/ grandparent, etc.), the ECD practitioner and the broader community (neighbours, social and health service practitioners) where the child lives.
ELRU provides formal training, mentorship, coaching and support to the primary caregiver and ECD practitioners to improve their parenting and early learning environment which will impact the child’s quality of learning and their home environment. ELRU’s ultimate goal is to achieve universal coverage and ensure that all vulnerable children age 0–6 have access to quality ECD services via an ELRU Programme.
Our service offerings include our three flagship ECD Programmes and Training, namely: 1. Family and Community Motivator (FCM) home visiting Programme (First 1000 days/conception to age 2) 2. Playgroups Programme (ages 3–5) 3. Whole Centre Development Programme (ages 0–6) 4. Training, Materials and Resource developments
ELRU is an accredited Further Education and Training College and provides training services to a host of organisations, beneficiaries and staff at various levels, at both an accredited and skills level.