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Cape Flats Sports Academy

Our objective is to become one of the best managed Academies in the Country both on and off the field. Our Needs are many however necessary if we are going to achieve our goals. Off the field, we require the registered NPO to implement and comply with Good Corporate Governance Principles, Roles and Responsibilities, Job Descriptions with performance metrics and/or KPI’s, Policy and Procedures, etc. We also require proper Sports (Football) Facilities, Sports Equipment, Sports Attire and Transport. Pursue our PBO status in the near future. We have a goal of taking 18 to 20 youth (Footballers) to Qatar every year leading up to the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup. (We took 23 under 19’s and under 23’s in April 2017). Implement various revenue streams for day to day operational costs. On the field, we need to attract the best coaches to develop and grow the members/players/youth.