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Care4u2 Respite Outreach

Care4u2.Respite.Outreach is an NPO and PBO that was started up by a group of ladies who are all passionate about making a difference in the lives of special needs children and their families.
One of our primary goals is Respite Care. This is when the caregivers or parents are sent away on a much needed break. At times parents want to take their children along as well, then this is taken into consideration and the whole family then goes away.

Another goal is Outreach in the form of food , clothing, specialized wheelchairs , assistive devices , scholarships , learnerships and job placements for these children.

Strict criteria is adhered to and children who are on social grants or whose family income is less than R5000.00 a month are priority.

We have grown considerably with projects extending from Gauteng, North West , KZN , Eastern Cape , Polokwane , Lesotho and recently Syria (2017).

The board consist of a doctor , a teacher who has experience teaching special needs children and 2 business women.

100% of funds received are used towards projects. The board and volunteers do not draw a salary, and neither do they accept reimbursement for expenses incurred.

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