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Care Buddies

Care Buddies is a section 21 Non-profit organization that was founded in
white River Mpumalanga in 2003.
The idea of Care Buddies was started in 2003 after a series of visits to
Rustig Old Age Home. This opened our eyes to the loneliness many of the
residents were experiencing. Birthdays Christmas and long weekends were
particularly bad times for these people.
Our number of Care Buddies has grown from the original 3 Buddies in 2003 to
70 in 2012. Not only has the Buddies grown in White River but the
organization has also spread its wings and is now functioning across South
Africa. We are even approached by people from other towns who want to start
similar activities in their respective areas. Care Buddies are now
functioning in: Nelspruit, Barberton, Gordon's Bay, Boksburg and Leeudoringstad.
WE ARE a non-profit organisation committed to loving caring and supporting
the aged within our area
WE WILL ALWAYS visit our grannies and grandpa's once a week at a minimum
WE WILL OFFER love, companionship and support
WE ARE COMMITTED TO improving the emotional and social quality of our
elderly community
WE ARE COMMITTED TO ensuring that our elderly are never lonely or insecure
or emotionally neglected
WE WILL DELIVER a regular unconditionally loving and supportive service
WE WILL always be sincere, committed and consistent and keep our old folks
best interests at heart.
WE COMMIT TO using any funds given or received solely for the benefit of the
aged within our care in the community.
We are a voluntary organisation which offers no benefit to our members other
than the joy they receive from giving!