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Youth unemployment is one of the most pressing socio-economic problems in South Africa today, with high rates of unemployment linked to poverty, crime, social degradation and loss of morale. Our young people represent a massive 72 percent of overall unemployment.

Young South Africans are desperate for education and work-related opportunities, but struggle to locate this vital information. If they do, it’s often irrelevant, out of date or out of financial reach. Internet cafés and transport are often luxuries and therefore barriers to accessing information.

Career Planet is an award-winning Section 21 (not-for-profit) organisation that has been providing young people with career training and study information since 2009 through our website and workshops. Our range of services is a digital ‘hub’ of opportunity and development for companies, training providers, government bodies and educational institutions to promote their opportunities direct to young people!

Career Planet uses innovative job-matching technology and mobile-learning tools to offer practical advice to youth unable to attend traditional classroom learning environments.

National School Curriculum: Career Planet aligns directly with the Revised National Curriculum Statement specifically Life Orientation and Economic and Management Sciences.