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Cart Horse Protection Association

If owners and drivers have access to affordable services, are educated on proper horse care and have an understanding of animal welfare legislation, we can reduce the risk of their welfare being compromised. We believe that for the working cart horses on the Cape Flats to be fit, healthy and comfortable in work we must have a holistic approach to their welfare. This means that we must provide for every aspect of their health and well-being. We provide subsidised farriery services as well as feed sales. We have three farriers and also offer harness and cart repair services. Our Equine Welfare Practitioners (EWPs) are trained Animal Welfare Assistants who can provide emergency veterinary care and as trained Animal Welfare Inspectors they can out to inspect the living conditions of the horses. Each horse along with its harness and cart is also inspected whenever they come in for shoes to make sure that their condition is acceptable.