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Cats' 9 Lives

The “cats’9lives” is a registered Non-Profit Organisation, dedicated to caring for stray and abandoned kittens until such time that they are able to find permanent loving homes. This organisation has no source of income and does not benefit financially from the adoption fee. Care is given by volunteers; therefore we are appealing for sponsorship of donations for food, litter, and veterinary fees.

The kittens come mostly from backgrounds where the mother has disappeared or they have been dumped and left to fend for themselves. Where possible we try to keep them with their mothers until they are 6- 8 weeks old. If they are too small to feed themselves, our willing volunteers' bottle or syringe feed them until they can eat solids. At this stage, they come to our shelter to await adoption, which takes place from 7-8 weeks onwards. Due to the space restriction, we have curtailed our numbers depending on availability of funds. The adoption fee includes 2 vaccinations, deworming, and sterilisation at 5-6 months by one of our designated veterinarians.
Since the start of “cats’9lives” in 2006 over 1200 kittens have been adopted and with the emphasis of the organisation on STERILISATION we have thus kept the number of unwanted kittens to the absolute minimum


Feral cats
Because we are also involved with sterilising and feeding of feral cats we often find tame adult cats which got either lost or was abandoned by their owners, eating with the feral cats.
We then take them for a full medical check-up, sterilise and innoculate them before finding them good homes.
If there are kittens in a feral colony which is abandoned and can’t fend for them selves we also take them into our care. They get taken care by our volunteers who bottle feed and socialise them until that are 8 weeks old and then they go to Avril, from where they will be adopted.
All the above get funded by donations or by ourselves.

Of great importance to our organisation is the emphasis on STERILISATION to keep the numbers of unwanted kittens to the absolute minimum.