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Cat Village SA

Cat Village SA is a Pro-Life Non-Profit Organisation. The “angel” that made Cat Village possible, is Irma Teller, a lady entirely devoted to the rescue of abused, abandoned or homeless cats, giving forever homes to over 1300 cats. The cats are not sold or re-homed but live out their natural lives at Cat Village.
Cat Village relies solely on the generous donations from individuals and companies to feed, sterilize and shelter the cats as well as provide medical care.
On the 5 acre property there are over 200 huts, each equipped with verandas from where the cats can observe daily activities, as well as inside shelves onto which carton boxes are placed with warm blankets. The cats can sort out their own bed mates and stay in a hut of their own choice.
The cats are free to roam the property and colonise.

Irma rises long before dawn every morning to start the task of cleaning, cooking and preparing food for the cats. Her work usually continues until after ten at night. If one of the cats is sick, however, she will sit with him throughout the night.

Once deserted, neglected or lost, these happy cats have now found heaven on earth.
The “lucky ones”, is how one can refer to the cat family in Cat Village – a natural garden in the East Rand that has been converted into a safe haven for a 1300 happy cats.
Come to think of it, “heaven” is probably a better description for this unique sanctuary in Benoni, Johannesburg. Here you will find no cages with cats awaiting their fate. It is a happy place for animals that could so easily have been put down or neglected until they died.
All the cats arrive here because they were lost, had to fend for themselves or because they were the result of unwanted litters. Many arrive in a malnourished and traumatized condition.