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Centre for Analytics and Behavioural Change

The Centre for Analytics and Behavioural Change (CABC) is a non-profit, public benefit organisation based at UCTs Graduate School of Business and incubated by the Allan Gray Centre for Values-Based Leadership. It was established to identify, analyse, report on and counter mis- and disinformation, fake news and divisive and polarising rhetoric that is promulgated online to undermine social cohesion, democratic integrity, and the stability of nation states. Three focus area: 1) Social & Political Division - Defending Democracy 21: Range of Narratives including Xenophobia, RET/WMC, Undermining the IEC, Attacks on the Rule of Law, NPA, Voter Suppression 2) Social Prejudice - Addressing Misogyny and GBV at Scale; Racism, LGBTQI+ 3) Public Health & Safety - Covid-19: Vaccine Hesitancy, Vaccine Equity, Pan African network to address climate change and sustainability, Post Covid world: learnings, resilience building Aspirational goal: Society that is informed, resilient and self-regulatory