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Centre for Humanity

In 2018, the number of people living in the country concluded to more than 57million, and while every single individual is counted as a resident in South Africa, there are many who aren’t taken note of.

If a homeless individual is considered in a county’s census, then surely, he/she must also be considered in the act of humanity.

Centre for Humanity strives in noticing individuals who don’t have the necessary support, who struggle to meet their basic needs and above all else, don’t have the opportunities to grow and thrive.

We believe every individual has the potential to achieve anything they want in life. All it takes is a dream and a little support.

The objective of a non-profit organization

This organization was initiated to help other people by providing them with food, clean water, education and above all else, support.

When people face struggle, they often don’t know where to turn to.

Kicking off our first project, which is assisting a creche in Moorreesburg, in Cape Town, with support containers and architect plans, to specifically provide children with food, a safe environment, and education, is just one of the many projects that will help move poor communities forward.

Centre for Humanity strives in establishing centers of safety for anyone who has experienced or are currently experiencing abuse or live in dangerous environments.

Considering the high rates of women and children being abused in South Africa, it is an initiative that must be taken seriously, as protecting children and women are very important.

Helping others help themselves

When people are stressed and focused on survival, or making enough money to feed their children, they are prone to forget about a very important factor, which will help them get ahead in life.

This factor is growth.

Growth is a dream, for those who are restricted by moving forward in life.

Thinking about the struggle to survive, derails the focus of growth in an individuals’ life. When people are unable to grow, they may also find themselves feeling stuck, depressed and very desperate.

Poverty and a lack of education have been linked as the main causes of violence in countries, all over the world.

One specific country that is known for its violence, due to its high rates of poverty and lack of education, is our very own country.

We struggle to accept that we can’t change the illegal activity, the violence, the substance abuse, drug dealing, theft and even murder in our communities, but if we focused more on implementing smaller acts of change in our country, perhaps it could decrease all the problems we face on this very day.

Education presents change

If the number one reason violence, theft and illegal activity occurs, is poverty or a lack of education, just imagine what could happen if we educated and provided for every child and needy family in South Africa.

It would promise an entirely new generation of hope for our country’s future. If, for instance, children, teenagers, young adults or any age group of individuals received support or didn’t feel like they had to turn towards something like drugs or theft to survive, the outcome of our country, would look much more different.

Introducing poor communities to technology

Computer labs are also something that Centre for Humanity plans on initiating for individuals who live in poor communities or don’t have the opportunity to access the internet, for instance.

Technology plays a very important role in an individual’s journey to finishing their education and thriving in work in general.

The internet serves as a resource to all the information required to learn and obtain the necessary skills, which can be utilized in the workplace.

Not having access to technology, is a major disadvantage, one which can prevent people from getting a job. That is why providing poor communities with the opportunity to learn more about technology, is also crucial for their growth.

There is no hope in living a hopeless life, where we ponder in the problems we are presented with daily. Perhaps we may always be presented with problems, but if we worked together, and established a greater sense of purpose and hope amongst each other, we might just get this very small, yet big and significant thing, called life, right.