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Champions Inn Boxing Academy

Champions Boxing Council provides firstly, quality, world class centres of human development which is free of charge to all youth and disadvantaged individuals.

Champions Boxing Council provides adequate, accredited and quality skills development and coaching programs to sporting personnel on all levels including: boxers, first aiders, managers, promoters, coaches, judges and referees, thus aimed at the transformation of knowledge, skills, values and attitudes for an enabling present and future. As a sporting council regulatory body, we provide innovative and transparent information and management processes which increases global participation, accessibility and a uniform standard of quality assurance.

Champions Boxing Council prides itself in taking individuals from strength to strength from grass roots, to the Olympics. Most importantly, building societies filled with the mentality of a Champion.

Champions Enterprises places the needs of Our Clients and community first because we know just how important the client really is.

We highly value excellence in every aspect of our service, making interactions productive, friendly and of superior nature in sheer craft excellence.

We stay committed to continuous education, research, development and innovation so that we may always give the best that the market, sporting and recreation has to offer, and more. Champions Enterprises highly values the well-being and development of the youth, community and environment.

Champions Enterprises is committed to providing more than just a service, we produce results, we provide an experience. Champions Boxing Council highly values and encourages Academia competence across all spheres of life.

We aim at building good, successful and moral citizens with a genuine sense of real sportsmanship. Champions Boxing Council adopts a zero tolerance attitude towards corruption, malpractice and discrimination throughout the sporting code and therefore adopts a transparent, six sigma approach in conducting our operations and governance philosophies.