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Girls and youth in under-resourced schools urgently need an offline, free and mobile-friendly digital learning curriculum that will enable them to access work-ready skills essential for entering the modern-day workplace and earn an income. Code for Change is a national leader in innovative coding education for schools that has over ten years' experience implementing coding programs in schools. Code for Change spearheads programs that drive national change through engaging the public, government and the Department of Education structures in meaningful, simple steps towards increasing awareness, confidence, practical skills and long-term transformation in Computer Science and “new generation” vocational education. Through its main program, CodeJIKA, it increases access and inclusion to digital learning for youth and girls in under-resourced schools, igniting hope, providing vision and rock-solid tech skills. Instead of waiting for youth to finish high school to become unemployed and then seek further training, Code for Change ensures high school students have solid digital skills that enable them to make money before leaving school.