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Chaplain on Board Initiative

Welcome to a unique, timeous, and much needed Community Initiative.

This Initiative has been a dream of the founder, and now elected Chairman and National Commander, Dr Willie du Toit, from Benoni, South Africa. After leaving a high-profile position, in Law Enforcement, during 1998, to enter full-time, Christian Ministry, He has now established a platform, combining Christian Ministry, with Community upliftment. A dream he has been carrying since mid 1980's. COBI now forms part of Commissioned to Evangelize Ministries, founded in 1998, and based in Benoni, South Africa. CTE Ministries reaches over 90 Countries with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, including Russia. Willie, and his wife Jacqueline, are also the founders and Senior Pastors of CTE Ministries, which they started in their living room, during 1998.

Although we are a Christian Organisation, our approach is to be available to any person, in need, or distress, irrespective of religion, race, gender, political affiliation, or social standing. We are firstly, a ministry of "presence", rather than to "preach" to people. All our active members undergo comprehensive training, to be able to deal with all kinds of people, without any prejudice.

Our name, The Chaplain on Board Initiative, or COBI, in short, is a great description of our mission, "to have a Chaplain on Board, whenever the need may arise. This means, our training covers a wide spectrum, as we want to be on board, wherever people are involved. Our vision is to have branches, for starters, all over South Africa, and then to expand as we are able, into other Nations. Our Volunteers are screened, verified, trained and then released under the banner of COBI, clearly identifiable and accountable. In short we pledge our involvement, continuous support, and ongoing participation in people lives, and places where traumatic events, or disastrous incidents or occurrences have taken place. We further prepare Individuals, households, Organisations and Communities for possible disasters and or traumatic events.

Our long-term goal is to establish universal principles, guidelines, operational procedures for this much needed Ministry. We further aim in providing a National/International Training platform for Emergency Services, Community, Corporate and Volunteer Chaplains. We are registered with the Government of South Africa as a Non profit Company, with registration number NPC 2012/208030/08. Willie du Toit is a certified International Emergency Response Chaplain, and most of the Training is being done by him in person. We trust to soon, have a fully functional Training Academy in operation.

To summarize, we train, equip, place and support Christian volunteers as Community Chaplains, to assist people in all situations of physical, spiritual, and/or emotional crisis. Our aim is to always have help available, wherever people are gathered together, and to be able to provide in their immediate and long-term needs.

We are ordinary people, with an extra-ordinary passion for the well-being of humanity.