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Charity Aid Uplifment Projects

We are proud to announce that we have established our Center for abused and abandoned women and children, as well as the destitute elderly, initiated by Charity Ad Marketing. We have also joined hand with the Police Force to shelter women who have fallen victim to rape and abuse. We aim to create employment by rendering an excellent advertising service to our customers as well as a tombstone service, skill those in our care by offering them employment, give them back their dignity, place them back into society and give them a future to look forward to. We would like to skill ladies on computers as well as teach them proper telephone manner, enabling them to communicate at corporate level. Sewing and baking classes for those not fit to find employment, catering for the Home Industries, giving them the opportunity to learn while they earn. Counciling of abused and molested children ensuring they have a stable future ahead of them. We are unique in the sense that we are not a shelter where we send these people out to do fundraising, but rather employ them and rehabilitate them to make a count to society once again. And our motto is: Together . . . we can make a difference!!