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Humanitarian Development Alliance SA

The Humanitarian Development Alliance SA (HUDA SA) establishes, advocates, and manages the process of strengthening and promoting the Educational, Environmental, Health Care, Humanitarian, Sustainable Development and Welfare projects of Charitable, Non Profit (NPO), Public Benefit Organisations (PBO) and Government and Donor Institutions and the collaboration between the Institutions via cloud based application.


Early childhood Development � fees, stationery, transport, furniture and equipment, and construction of ECD Centres;
General Education and Training (GET) � school fees, uniforms, stationery, and transport;
Further Education (High School) � school fees, uniforms, stationery & transport;
Technical and Vocational Education and Training � bursaries, textbooks, accommodation and transport;
Higher Education (Academic & Technology Universities) � bursaries, textbooks, transport and accommodation.


Basic necessities like emergencies, food, rent, water & electricity and basic medical services;
Construction and support Family Villages, orphanages and other places of Safety.
Construction or repairs of homes.
Sustainable Income generating WAQF.

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