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Chikara Wellness Foundation

Chikara Wellness is a registered South African NPO and United States based movement that began in 2004. This movement acts as a humanitarian portal for individuals and organizations to give back to those lesser, with special focus on uplifting the needy. We utilize our collective partnerships, business and personal income to support and fund community based incentives, primarily in South Africa, in the aggressive fight against Global Hunger & Disparity.

To grasp the realism of the challenge, we embarked on a fact-finding mission to the rural areas of South Africa to analyze the needs of the underprivileged across the diversity of the cultural spectrum. What we found, compelled us to champion the call of the needy by giving back to the underprivileged, still affected by the social and economical hardship of a divided past.

The Chikara Initiatives focus on helping NPO's, NGO's & Community Based Organisations helping orphans, vulnerable children, youth, adults and senior citizens, living in rural areas of Cape Town, caught in the disparity of hunger, unemployment and abuse. Our aim is to minimize the adverse effects of their circumstances by providing establishments the needed infrastructure, information and access to donors, funding and support they would otherwise be denied, so increasing their chances of helping others leading healthy and fulfilling lives.

The Key word to our Initiatives is "TRUST". We primarily partner with those who know us well, donors beyond our immediate association help because they know and trust someone partaking in these initiatives. We have no tolerance for corruption of false representation of intentions. In time, these projects will expand to other countries as we work in conjunction with sponsors and governmental agencies for the greater good.

Although we are not a Tax Exempt Organization, some of the Initiatives we support, are. We are but a portal that focus on the true purpose and intent of giving, and that’s Not what we can get for our money, but What purpose the said money or effort can fulfill…and that’s a meal for a hungry child and warmth for a cold soul. Chikara, meaning power & strength in Japanese, is an element needed for those destitute to survive day by day. This said power is also in Giving.
We thank you with deep sincerity for taking the time to read these words, and trust you shall help us through your humanity to change the immediate world, …One Life at a Time.