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Childline Gauteng

Childline Gauteng is a registered NPO which has been delivering expert services to vulnerable children since 1987. The organisation facilitates child protection services to children whose rights have been violated through four key services:

 The 24 Hour Help Line is a toll-free telephonic counselling service that offers support services for any needs pertaining to children. Childline Gauteng receives up to 400 000 calls per annum.

 The Sunlight Safe House (SSH) provides night time emergency shelter for orphans and children made vulnerable through neglect or abuse. The project also offers foster care for children who are hard to place in other places of care. The SSH serves approximately 350 children per annum.

 The Clinical Counselling service provides therapeutic counselling to abused and traumatised children. The team of Play therapists and Social Workers offer over 9000 sessions per annum.

 Community Awareness and Prevention Programme (CAPP) empowers school children, educators and parents with an understanding of children’s rights and responsibilities, thereby preventing and ensuring early intervention in cases of child abuse and neglect, reaching 90 000 beneficiaries per annum.

Childline Gauteng operates from seven Community-Based Centres situated in Johannesburg’s Inner City, Soweto, Tembisa, Katlehong, Sebokeng, Diepsloot and Orange Farm.

We welcome contributions to help us make a meaningful difference in the lives of children in need. Childline Gauteng has 18 A Tax Status and the Black Beneficiary Base is 99%, which provides supporters with 100% B-BBEE SED Recognition.