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Chris Burger Petro Jackson Fund

When rugby players run onto the field, they do so with a team behind them. When a player finds him or herself having to adapt to life with a “new normal” after a serious and life-altering injury, a team approach is once again needed to lift them up. The Players’ Fund joins this team, and does so indefinitely.

The Players’ Fund is alerted of serious and life-altering injuries through the BokSmart reporting process. Following on-field care and during the acute medical care in hospital, the immediate needs of the individual and their family are assessed and the Fund steps in to assist where necessary.

The support we provide ranges from:
– Provision of equipment
– Modifications to homes
– Medical consumables allocations
– Secondary rehabilitation
– Financial support (monthly subsistence)
– Partnering education and skills development journeys
– Transport facilitation
– Endeavouring to improve recipients’ quality of life
– Rugby Safety Advocacy in collaboration with SA Rugby through BokSmart

Please join our support squad and make a difference in the lives of these rugby players who now have to face a “new normal” after their injuries.