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Christelik Maatskaplike Raad Standerton

The Christelike Maatskaplike Raad in Standerton is a welfare organisation operating in our community. The social worker and social auxiliary worker serve the areas of Bethal, Standerton, Charl Cilliers, surrounding informal settlements and farming districts.

As a welfare organisation we offer free social services provided to the community. Our office is situated in town that makes it accessible to any person that needs social assistance. Services include:

1. Satutory services are rendered to protect vulnerable individuals and groups like children, women, disabled, elderly or victims of abuse
2. Child protection and securing children in dangerous life situations. Therapy to assist children to integrate back into society is another area we touch. We try to make sure that every child gets the best possible outcome.
3. Promote individual well-being, empowerment and upliftment
4. Assist families to restore healthy, sustainable relationships. Family preservation and restoration are key focal areas
5. Poverty alleviation by providing much needed food, clothing and blankets to people irrespective of race, gender, culture or language