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• To choose for ourselves both our own developmental paths, and to participate in all decision making and manage or co-manage the utilization of our resources if we so choose.
• To reaffirm that it is the peoples, specifically occupiers of the land`s, fundamental right to decide if any extractives / mining can take place on their land or not.
• To participate in the worldwide struggle for the complete eradication of imperialism, colonialism, racism and all other forms of discrimination.
• To mobilize and build movements, coalitions and networks that will pool our resources and protect our integrity as people of the soil against non-community inclusive mining activities.
• To ensure that government and corporations provide mining affected communities with transparent information and processes.
• To oppose any corporation that has a track record of violating labour, human and environmental rights anywhere in the world.
• To work with chapter nine institution of the republic in ensuring the inherent dignity of affected community in mining.
• To oppose any company that does not have a transparent community driven process of negotiation this has at its core the principles of Free Prior and Informed Consent.
• To ensure inclusion in the Law, of an independent, accessible, speedy and effective grievance or redress policy and mechanism to address community concerns throughout the mining /extractive processes.
• To end the unconstitutional exclusion of mining affected communities in having a direct say in the governance of their lives.
• MACUA will champion a safe and environmentally friendly on artisanal mining.
• To strengthen the voice of woman in mining affected communities so that women play a more active role in influencing and deciding on their livelihoods for purposes of improving their living and working conditions.