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Ubuntu Trust was established for the purpose of transferring skills, developing enterprises and promoting wellness in Africa. This will be achieved through Trust-linked activities, which include a special focus on the Ubuntu Touch Project (Africa’s first wellness-focused, sustainable, and free educational upliftment model).

The objectives of the Ubuntu Touch Project are fourfold:

Firstly, to foster enterprise development in the field of wellness, by targeting previously disadvantaged unemployed black beneficiaries from poor communities, who are recruited, enrolled and trained with holistic wellness skills at various levels at no charge at the Medi-Spa Wellness Academy (our SETA-accredited partner training institute), before placing the graduates into internships, jobs and opportunities to develop as new entrepreneurs.

Secondly, to deliver community restitution through support services targeting critical sectors requiring healing, stress management and wellness assistance. including for teaachers. police and nurses, as well as supporting home-based care, township clinics and social services networks.

b. Thirdly, to operate a corporate procurement program delivering wellness solutions to enhance companies EAP programs, rewarding staff through wellness days, incentives and events, in line with the most popular intervention programs worldwide (on-site massage).

c.To set up and operate a network of wellness establishments nationally to support the objectives of the Trust, which are based on principles of healing lifestyles and ahimsa (non-violence) using a CBE model approach (Consciousness–based Education).

The activities listed here are not exhaustive, the Trust may perform other activities that are aimed at fulfilling the objectives of the founder.