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Citizen In The Kingdom Of God Foundation

Citizen in the Kingdom of God objectives is all about changing people’s lives or impacting people’s lives positively. Healing people by supporting them and empowering them so that they can sustain themselves through job skills in catering/ food preparation course, pastry and baking course, assistant clothing designing course, leadership courses and financial management and budgeting courses. Restoring self-confidence, pride, self-respect and finding their true identity. Operating within a strict code of conduct with good morals and Christ principles. Make people recognise the important role of faith in their healing process. Maintaining strong support systems within our institution and Kingdom Ministries and within communities around Western Cape at large. Please note that there are more programmes that we would like you to partner with us which involve i.e. township gym, soccer club, Sanitary towels in local schools, churches and communities, early child development and our brain child is teaching young boys to be responsible man and responsible fathers and good husband’s.
Our responsibility is building relationships with Christ centred individuals like yourself and companies for greater course of the business of God in the Kingdom of God. But that actually takes building, supporting each other, serving each other offering good content within the Kingdom of God.
Please note that in the vision, we also have a pre-school or early child development called CKG toddlers
Our church vision which operates as multipurpose centre for communities that is affected by domestic violence, gangsterism, high unemployment rate, drug and substance abuse and etc in the Phillip Samora Machel, Khosovo Heinz Park and Delft.
Please note that we have registered the vision of God as a non-profitable company for donations and funding purposes and is called Citizen in the Kingdom of God Foundation with tax number, NPO number, Tax number, B-BBEE ratings and with standard Bank with SWIFT address for international donations or funding.