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City of Hope Global

City of Hope Community Care is Registered Non-Profit Organization which focus on addressing the social conditions of the community in the Blue Downs, Cape Town.
One of the functioning programs is New Hope Daycare which operates five days a week with professional staff providing a safe, healthy, learning environment for children between the ages of 3 months to 6 years. New Hope Daycare assists children and families that stem from disadvantage backgrounds by allowing them to attend on subsidized fees and even for free. New Hope Daycare has 60+ children its care on a day
Our Feeding Scheme is another vehicle being used to meet the growing needs of the lack of nutritiously cooked meal, thus the feeding scheme feeds 100+ families on a weekly basis. This project has been operating for seven years and we have seen many families lives changed.
The Youth and Children’s Programs is of high importance in our organization, therefore we have focused initiatives for spiritual, social, academic development of the youth and our children in our community. In our Computer Training & Technological Initiative, we focus on skills development and empowerment programs that concentrate on computer literacy courses, office etiquette training and CV writing etc.
City of Hope Global church is the spiritual development discipline in our vision corporate. Having Church congregations in more than one location,locally and globally.