Cause Index


Building Inclusive Communities
Our aim is to help all people living in our communities to contribute to the well-being of the community, this includes retirees, unemployed, homeless and displaced individuals. We also engage with informal businesses in our community by providing them with cleaning equipment so they can maintain the streets around their business, a refuse pickup service and weekly incentives. Our aim is to support any people meaningfully contributing to our community and helping to reduce unemployment and crime.

Greening the city
As part of our drive to create public spaces that are greener and that people can enjoy – City-Zen will be identifying spaces that will benefit from the planting of trees. We welcome anyone wanting to contribute trees, plants or money that will help green our community.

Creating employment
Through its various projects City-Zen aims to employ local unemployed, homeless, and displaced individuals. Our aim is to teach them to be productive members of our community by providing a service that all residents can see and enjoy every day. Through the City-Zen program we hope to provide these individuals with full-time employment either as a part of City-Zen or support them in starting their own local small business

Circular Economies

City-Zen’s vision is to ensure that everything that is consumed in our community is up-cycled or recycled in our community. This is done through collaborative waste collection where residents sort their waste at source and the City-Zen waste collectors deliver your waste to our Local Circular Economy Center.