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CMR Middelburg

Apart from the statutory services rendered to the community, the CMR Middelburg has several projects that aim to tackle the complex social problems that are faced:
• Child and Youth care centers – we have two houses that care for orphaned and vulnerable children who have been removed from the care of their parents or the community while investigations and recommendations are put before the Children’s court.
• Drop in Center – providing preventative services for child care, protection, food and assistance with homework for school going children.
• Play group – helping children from impoverished families prepare for Grade R.
• Holiday Feeding schemes – to ensure children still get stimulated through recreational activities, life skills and food during the school holidays when the school feeding programs are closed.
• Mini Service Center – designed to encourage the aged to partake in social activities and enrich their lives
• Care to share – a unique fund aimed at helping children achieve their dreams (like attending the Puma training camp) or assisting them with books or uniforms for school. Families are identified through the schools that are financially not able to help their children in this way.
• Foster Parent Training – in house training which equips foster parents with the necessary skills to deal with traumatized children from different backgrounds for example sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse ect. Biological parents who are working towards being reunited with their children also benefit from this 3 day training course in order to get skills to be able to parent these children.
• Assessment and therapy for vulnerable children.
• Provide early childhood development programs for children who cannot access to formal mainstream crèches and to develop crèches with proper educational programs and stimulation for the children to be ready for school.

We therefore take the liberty in asking for your support to fund these programs as well as the statutory work that we do.

CMR Middelburg is able to issue Article 18a receipts (which reduces your taxable income in either your personal or business capacity.)

Under the current legislation you can earn 5 weighting points for making a 1% NPAT (net profit after tax) donation to socio-economic development. CMR Middelburg is able to issue B-BBEE points certificates. For the purposes of the Broad Black Economic Empowerment Act, we acknowledge and confirm that more than 75% of all our beneficiaries are black in terms of the codes of good practice. More than 75 % of the donation received will accrue to black beneficiaries.