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Cognovate Academy NPC

Learning difficulties are on the rise and public schools,being overwhelmed and under capaciated are failing dismally at solving the problem,often banishing struggling children to the slow class or making them repeat years and also coercing parents to medicate them or dispatching them to remedial schools. Therefore our interevention is to aid and unlock the cognitive skills which kids lack in a fundamentally different approach to learning using a sophiscated cognitive brain training computer game software and physical exercise program designed by a Neuroscienst from Yale University. The program has been tried and tested with scientific reports. The program directly and enables students to learn the content-based course materials more easily. It is a revolutionary Cognitive Assessment Tool and Brain Training Program for Children with ADHD, Learning Disabilities, and Low Academic Performance.Therefore it will directly address and develop the need of kids who struggle with concentration, working memory, sustaining focus and self control. Our aim is to give back hope to despondent parents and open psychological aptitudes in children.