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Collaborative Stakeholder Movement

South Africa; the fastest growing economy in the world where every citizen is productively and sustainably employed in a global icon for peace and prosperity…

You can help us achieve this goal.

We are working towards creating millions of desperately needed sustainable jobs, improving skills, developing the youth and dealing with issues that undermine our economy, like Fraud and Corruption.

Be a part of the change- you can:

  • Donate funds (you’re in the right place already)

  • Donate your expertise or time (please send us an introductory email – details to your left)

  • Influence your fellow South African’s to get involved and make a difference

Want to know more about us? Please read below. If you wish to know even more, please contact us.

“I am what I am because of who we are ~ The Spirit of uBuntu”

What is Collaborative Stakeholder Movement?

Collaborative Stakeholder Movement [CSM] is a non-profit organisation that epitomises the function of growing a more socioeconomically stable, collaborative and inclusive South Africa.

With inclusivity, independence and neutrality as central, non-negotiable values, CSM is the only unbiased organisation in the space of socioeconomic advancement.

We facilitate a process of leadership collaboration by providing a neutral, independent platform for constructive engagement business, labour, government and civil society.

We embrace the different needs, interests, concerns and expectations of these leaders and stakeholders and aim to expedite positive outcomes.

CSM will at all times retain its core focus of having the right people in the right room, at the right time and for the right reasons.

CSM is not a platform for criticism, condemnation or complaints; it is instead a safe environment for generating strategic conversations, expressing authentic empathy and inspiring generous leadership in the spirit of uBuntu.

Through CSM all people of South Africa come together as a unified humanity; to acknowledge their collective differences, strengths and weaknesses in an effort to unlock our country’s abundant potential.

Some outcomes of CSM include significantly increased levels of employment (the country needs 10’s of millions of permanent and productive jobs), an increase in the quantity and quality of education and available skills across all sectors, development and enhancement of value-adding technology, improved healthcare, unlocking South Africa’s true export potential, reduction in crime, improved moral and ethical standards, improved relationships between key economic stakeholders and a more stable currency.

The multitude, magnitude and urgency of the challenges and opportunities facing South Africa today can no longer be addressed by the isolated efforts of any government, business community, trade union movement or by fragmented cellular or individual effort.

How does CSM work?

CSM provokes and facilitates face-to-face conversations that are private yet transparent, secure, focussed and structured around relevant themes and threads.

Collaboration in the true spirit of uBuntu, positive provocation, independence and neutrality lie at the heart of the organisation.

To aid the process of collaboration, CSM has uniquely appointed Advisory Boards; each with a focus on a particular economic community. These consist of individuals who are deeply skilled and passionate leaders, intellectuals and technocrats; some of whom might even be long standing rivals or competitors. As a coordinated and facilitated collective, they will be the architects of the high level, yet practical, conversations that will enable solutions to overcoming our numerous leadership challenges.

“We believe intrinsically that with the creation of a team of Africans who understand Africa and who can make a difference, our country’s- and indeed our continent’s- economic future can reach its fullest capacity.”- Martin Humphries

In-house Initiatives for Job Creation

CSM endeavours to actualise several special projects that will inherently give rise to measurable improvements within the South African economy by creating a substantial number of sustainable employment opportunities and serve as beacons of what can be achieved through practical application of the process of engaging, listening, collaborating, acting and delivering- the ELCAD challenge.


All proceeds go towards creating and maintaining these meetings in the back-end of Collaborative Stakeholder Movement. With a passion for provoking high impact, mission critical conversations, our modest team of patriotic South Africans constantly strives to deliver a high Economic Value Add for all participants and stakeholders, whilst retaining its independence and neutrality.

The “ELCAD Initiative”

ENGAGE – firstly, we all have to agree to engage with a diversity of people and stakeholders for a common, clear, relevant and meaningful purpose. We must agree to engage in the right spirit and with the right intentions – anything else would be a waste of time.

LISTEN – if we engage but don’t listen to one another, then we’re wasting our time. As Stephen Covey put it “most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply”.

COLLABORATE – we must agree to collaborate, not only in words but in our daily actions and in the true spirit of uBuntu.

ACTION – ‘if you’re going to talk the talk, you’ve got to walk the walk’, or ‘walk it like you talk it’, or ‘actions speak louder than words’ or ‘practice what you preach'…!

DELIVER – deliver enhanced value to our economic community and ultimately to the peace and prosperity of South Africa.

ELCAD – anything else is a waste of time!