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Colours of Hope

Colours of Hope is a registered non-profit aid organisation. It is our mission to make life a little better for those in need by doing the best we can, turning hope into reality. We respond to the needs of the less fortunate and try to make a difference spiritually, morally, financially and physically. We work on a variety of local, national and international projects, with reliable, trustworthy organisations in ensuring delivery to recipients worthy of aid and proper distribution of donations. Colours of Hope maintains administrative expenses at less than 5% of their total overhead, spending more than 90% of their income on actual distributions and aid that benefit the needy, ensuring that your money is put to good use!

We are committed to the upliftment of humanity in any way. We want to leave people with dignity, with hope, not as beggars. Every human being deserves this. Our motto- Clean Intention. Hard Work. Prayer. Unity. These are symbolic to each petal in the Colours of Hope (COH) flower (logo).