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Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone Foundation is a non-profit, tax exempt organization created to help children of all ages around the world and abused women .At Comfort Zone Foundation we believe in the future of our children – charity is just one of the many avenues we use to make the joy visible through the smiles of our nation’s children. Comforting and healing the future…….
Our Vision
Comfort Zone Foundation is dedicated in transforming the lives of children and abused women in South Africa, we provide counselling and therapy we believe WE ARE BECAUSE YOU ARE…..!!!Together we can join hands and fight abuse, poverty, lack and Hunger.
About Us
Comfort Zone is a non-profit organisation that brings people together for the purpose of providing expert children’s intervention, creating greater social involvement & enabling sensible corporate-social investment to make a difference in the lives of children and abused women. Comfort Zone Foundation is a South African based NPO that cares about People Ubuntu!!! Comfort Zone was Founded in 2015 by 4 Members who saw the needs of our disadvantaged Society. We are currently based in Midrand and Centurion and around South Africa. We have a Medical Team for any Surgeries with a comprehensive health care vision for children living with facial conditions and heart Conditions and families that cannot afford to pay for expensive medical bills. We help children in need of surgery for treatable facial anomalies such as cleft lip, cleft palate, nose and ear conditions, facial paralysis, burn wounds and craniofacial abnormalities, heart Surgery and Liver and Kidney Transplants. Even though we’re a charity for children, we understand that parents want nothing more than to help their children in need and cannot do so due to financial restrictions. We aim to positively increase the quality of life for South Africa’s disadvantaged families by encouraging, informing and educating the parents throughout the process. At Comfort Zone we also believe to empower abused women to be self-sufficient through a Skills Development programme, and we assist the hospitals and homes by purchasing equipment for use .To date we have assisted over 2000 children and women with the gift of a smile.
Donating to Comfort Zone Foundation charity in South Africa will prove to be truly rewarding and even more so for the children and families that you will positively impact with your generous donations. Every little life you affect is a smile won and worn on the face of a beautiful child with a future filled with many more. At Comfort Zone Foundation we believe in the future of our children – charity is just one of the many avenues we use to make the joy visible through the smiles of our nation’s children.
Corporate Social Investment
Comfort Zone Foundation has a multifaceted CSI Programme whereby corporates and individuals can get involved in a number of ways. Our CSI activities branch out to corporate volunteer programmes, direct donations and fundraising events. By aligning your organisation with Comfort Zone Foundation you are investing in the future of South Africa’s children and women. Our joint efforts will positively affect children and women’s lives and enable disadvantaged children to face the world with a positive self-image. Together we can transform lives.

NPO 155-480
Benefits to Donors
18A Certificate
Cash donations qualify for a tax rebate and Comfort Zone Foundation will issue you / your organisation with an 18A Certificate and Donations Receipt.
BEE Certification
Comfort Zone Foundation is BEE Compliant. Our Black Beneficiary Base is 100% and our B-BBEE SED Recognition is 100% audited by SP3 Ratings. A BEE Certificate is provided for cash donations.
Our Mission
Our Mission is to assist the less privileged children and abused women with donations, gifts, quilts and distribute them, so they can be wrapped in love and comfort. As we all know, helping and donating is a very special thing. It isn’t just a blanket, gift, and donations, it has been lovingly created by a real person. A Donator leaves a part of them in every quilt they make and donation they give. We’re About Putting Smiles on the Faces of Children in South Africa and Globally! Feeding a Child, educating a child empowering, an abused person, gives us joy giving hope to the hopeless. Comfort Zone Foundation feeds 120 000 children and women, nutritious meals every day. Join the Hope Against Hunger challenge today by purchasing an Add hope & Comfort digital gift card and the full amount (R10,R25,R50,R100) will go towards feeding a child.
As our SAINT Mandela once said: “We can change the world and make it a better place – it’s in YOUR hands