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Community Keepers NPC

Community Keepers has a multi-disciplinary team made up of professional psychologists, social workers, registered counsellors as well as life guidance facilitators who base themselves at our child-friendly consulting rooms, on-site at schools, in under resourced areas. We offer a professional service equal to that of a private practice, and we offer it at no charge.
Community Keepers has developed a range of psycho-social service products within school systems to:
? Support learners and educators by providing one-on-one and group based therapeutic services. ? Develop learners' ability to plan and self-direct their journeys to wellbeing through motivation, self-efficacy and enhanced resilience. ? Equip parents and educators with the knowledge and skills to fulfil their responsibilities to learners as creators of enabling and motivation enhancing environments.
Initially, when establishing ourselves in a school community, the heart of our work attends to severe cases of trauma and focuses on psycho-therapeutic interventions. Alongside this are pro-active life-skill workshops programmes to build a lifestyle and culture of well-being. While this component of our work is not strictly therapeutic (in the narrow sense of the word), it is complementary in that it addresses social change and builds long term motivational patterns in school communities and further.