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Concerned Clergy Western Cape

We the Concerned Clergy, are Christian leaders committed to address matters of injustice and unrighteousness, hereby being a voice for the social upliftment and protection of our communities, our city and the Nation.

Currently we are running the Heart of Christ Covid Response initiative.

We are asking all churches to commit to acting together in concert to address the needs arising out of COVID 19.
Our appeal started with the realization that some 371000 children were separated for feeding schools when the schools closed.

Since the lockdown the needs for feeding alone has escalated due to work shutdowns business closures. Many other needs have already surfaced and without dramatization many other needs will arise based on the path this plague has taken across the globe.
We are in discussion with the Dept. of Social development to link the resources identified and made available through this effort to the national database for timeous deployment.

Additionally we as the church want to be able to respond to the needs of our local communities. By committing to serve in concert with us you will help us develop a database and network of churches that can support each other in meeting local needs. We will then be able to link the need areas with resources in the local churches so that we move more readily to action once we have your data.

Sounds like acts 2 right? By sharing all things in common no-one amongst them had any need!Our appeal to you is that you consider committing to assist the church in the Cape metro and wherever else you find yourself to serve the church and local communities at this time of dire need.

What Now?
We the church, with your commitment and engagement will be exercising leadership in addressing the needs that arise out of covid 19.

To properly plan and coordinate this process we need you to kindly provide us with data in response to the questions posed in the response sheet on the next page.

This has to be a Team Effort.
While we are acting to co-ordinate this effort of the church in the Cape Metro and wider afield. Remember we are not all knowing but your servants in this process , we invite you to make suggestions, raise questions and provide feedback to us on what is being done and or what needs are arising etc.