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Congregational Church Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels currently has 230 beneficiaries including school children, pensioners, the disabled, chronically ill patients, homeless people and the unemployed. We estimate that our kitchen prepares over 35 000 meals per annum. Meals are provided five days per week excluding public holidays. Our beneficiaries are broken down into four groups as follows:
Children - 40 children visit the centre five days a week to receive support and a ready packed nutritious school lunch. For many this is the only source of nourishment these children receive.
Pensioners/Disabled: 80 Pensioners/disabled people are delivered meals by our dedicated team of volunteers. Volunteers travel to our beneficiaries homes share at chat and a cup of tea which offers vital support.
Chronically ill patients: 30 Chronically ill patients come to the centre for a nutritious meal. Without the correct nutrition medication can be less effective and patients prone to secondary infection.
Homeless and unemployed people: 80 homeless and unemployed people come to the centre on a daily basis and are hugely reliant on Meals on Wheels for their only meal throughout the day.
Our overall aim is to ensure that people in need receive at least one nutritious meal per day.