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Cornerstone Foundation

Cornerstone Foundation is a Non Profit Company that aims to create, find and support intervention and educational programmes that uplift and improve the wellbeing of our youth and their affected families.

We will produce talk shows where we will talk to specialists in the field about a wide range of topics (ex. depression, suicide, violence, bullying, human trafficking, addictions etc.) that represent valid and serious issues today’s youth and their families are confronted with.

We would like to develop and establish support groups throughout the country.

The services that Cornerstone Foundation aims to provide will undoubtedly be costly and therefore 90% of our fundraising will be through the generous support of individuals and Businesses like you. Please give generously. We appreciate your support!

Financial support is needed for the following:

•Monthly costs for Television production, Airtime, Professional fees etc
•Developing and establishing Support Groups throughout the country
•To set up training programmes for the Support Groups
•Establishment of Crisis control Centre’s where there is a need
•Financial support for families that can’t afford professional help
•Information sessions at Schools
•Information sessions at Churches
•Information sessions at Companies

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