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Corruption Watch (RF) NPC

Briefly describe the mission of your organisation and the demographic or cause served.: Corruption Watch is a non-profit organisation launched in January 2012. We rely on the public to report corruption to us. We use the reports as an important source of information to fight corruption and hold leaders accountable for their actions.

Corruption Watch provides a platform for reporting corruption. Anyone can safely share what they experience and observe and can speak out against corruption. Our communication platform includes our website, an SMS line, social media, email or post.

We investigate selected reports of alleged acts of corruption, choosing cases that have the most serious impact on our society. For instance, we may investigate a case involving basic health or education services because of its impact on the most disadvantaged South Africans. We hand over our findings to the authorities to take further action, and we monitor the progress of each case. We work with mainstream and community media to make sure that corruption is fully exposed.

We gather and analyse information to identify patterns and hot spots of corruption. We prepare research reports on these hot spots in order to expose and find solutions to systemic corruption. Using our own communication platforms and the media, we share our findings with the public, with like-minded non-governmental organisations and with public sector bodies undermined by corruption.

We build campaigns that mobilise people to take a stand against corruption. Our campaigns involve the public, community groups and other organisations such as trade unions.