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Courage Community Relief

The courage Initiative was born out of a crisis and the need to stand together as one in order to triumph. We bring together heroes, communities and NGO's to work with solidarity to overcome difficult times. Our Mission: To inspire all Africans to have the Courage to stand as one and create a safer more resilient society.
HUNGER CRISIS The most serious consequence of any crisis is the lack of ability to have food on the table. If people from all walks of life collaborate, everyone can eat. OUR START A Hout Bay resident wanted to wake up from pancreatic surgery knowing that she had mobilized her community into action. She pledged the first R1mil to start the food distribution program, knowing that many of her neighbours were going hungry during the lockdown. She believes now more than ever is the time to be working together to help those in need.
Progress: we have partnered with a local organic vegetable grower who is currently planting multiple vegetable circles with the aim ogf creating a sustainable food source for those in need in the community. The objective of the programme is to provide nutrition to 6000 young children and vulnerable neighbours every day. Courage will be providing the financial and administration infrastructure required by this program.