Cause Index


The organisation's main objectives are to:
To provide for the poorest of poor in the communities with our soup / feeding kitchen.
Help vulnerable kids to see to their needs and to see to our abusive youth.
To help alleviate malnutrition in our communities.
To make sure that the youth become creative, bringing out their skills and help them get a job if they are unemployed.
To establish a multi community youth to uplift and empower the youth.
To restore integrity and decency to public life.
To protect the rights of all citizens and to protects human rights in accordance with Republic of South Africa.
To support policies promoting the prevention of further global warming and protecting the environment.
To provide an organization for the youth, young and old and women as well as people with disabilities to take forward their aspirations and provide them with training and support to help them maximize their role in society.
We support the system of social security and encourage institutions and individuals to contribute in acts of charity.
To promote community participation in the conceptualisation, implementation and evaluation of the reconstruction and development of South Africa.
Fund raise to pay for the main objectives.
Communicate with other N.P.O./ N.G.O'S and the private sector in the field of abuse, HIV/AIDS, trauma and sensory integration, skills development, feeding schemes and programs.
We will strive to develop a deeper understanding of these values and nurture them over time.
We respect and inculcate a culture of reflection and learning with everything we do, so as to become better at our work and deepen our practice.
We embrace Ubuntu, respecting the humanity of people and the value of community.
We strive for equity and the development of democratic practice without prejudice, discrimination or favour.
We promote a transparent, honest and open culture within all areas of our organisation, and reaching into the communities and projects with which we work. We work with integrity.
We sincerely value the people who make up our organisation and aim always to develop their skills and potential so that they know and believe that they can make a worthwhile and healthy contribution.
Whilst we recognise and understand the need for all of us to grow personally, and encourage this growth, we aim to work collectively as a cohesive team, respecting and listening to one another.
We strive to develop and deepen our personal relationships within the team.
We promote open and honest communication, understanding that communication is a two-way process.
We nurture our commitment and strive to achieve a healthy balance in our work between being hard working, taking pleasure and pride in our efforts and providing acknowledgment and recognition for the achievements of others.
In order to become a development organisation of excellence, we will engage communities as equal partners, recognising that there is much opportunity for mutual learning.
We recognise our interconnectedness as an organisation within a broader context and strive to develop and deepen our relationships and partnerships with other organisations.
We encourage creativity and innovation in our thinking and practice, opening opportunities for new knowledge, further growth and development.